Automatic Carparks

At Kindcare Services Ltd, we provide you expert and experienced consulting services to build a basic Car park system to fully Automated Car parking systems.

How We Can Help?

With strong technological expertise and references in the automotive field, we can assist you on the following:

  • Puzzle Parking System
  • Multilevel Parking System
  • Stacker Parking System
  • Elevator Parking System
  • Chess Parking System
  • Level Parking System
  • Cart Parking System


Automatic Parking Systems add value to any development project by:

  • Increasing revenue generating space. Using 50% less space to park the same number of cars
  • Lowering development costs
  • Lowering overall operations costs
  • No risk of injury
  • No damage or dents
  • No theft and vandalism
  • Disability Parking
  • Reduced risk of fire hazards as there is no human intervention

Why Automatic Parking Systems:

  • Eco-Friendly: FUEL SAVINGS no need to drive around for a parking place
  • Garage uses Electromechanical components and hence NO POLLUTION
  • Automated Valet Service. Terminal is at street level and hence no use of elevator, stairways etc
  • 100% Peace of Mind for Personal Saftey
  • The Driver retains keys after parking
  • If you can’t remember where you parked? APS to the rescue!
  • High Redundancy & Reliability with 24/7 hotline support and sophisticated diagnostics and remote access
  • Fault tolerant servers guarantee continuous availability and hence Unprecedented up-time with emergency generator


Kindcare Services Ltd. offers consulting services for manufacturing Plastic bottles, Jars, Cosmetic Bottles & Pet Bottles.

Plastic Bottles & Jars

We offer consulting services for manufacturing a wide range of Plastic Bottles & Jars. These products are manufactured using quality-approved raw materials. All these products in turn are stringently examined by quality experts to ensure their flawlessness before delivering them to the end users. Clients have always appreciated these products for their higher durability, excellent finish and longer service life.

Pet Bottles

Pet bottles are developed utilizing optimum grade raw material sourced from the reliable vendors in the market. Stringently checked by quality experts to ensure their flawlessness, these bottles are available in varied specifications to meet the requirements of our clients. Further, the finished products have superior clarity, eco- friendliness and re-usability.

Cosmetic Bottles

Our services come handy right from sourcing premium quality raw material from reliable vendors in the market to manufacturing Cosmetic bottles that are highly demanded by the end users.


Bottle Manufacturing Cycle:

Bricks & Tiles

Kindcare Services Ltd. offers consulting services for one of the broadest product portfolios in the business, including clay facing bricks (stock and wire-cut), specialist engineering bricks, domestic and commercial pavers and a full range of clay, concrete and slate roofing products. We believe that the use of natural clay products helps to deliver a sustainable environment which is aesthetically attractive and architecturally sympathetic to its surroundings. The manufacturing units comprise of CNC machines, special purpose machines, welding machines to fabricate a quality range of industrial machinery.

Product Range

Traditional Facing Bricks

Softer edge bricks giving an Old World/ Traditional appearance. Available in a variety of textures from Flat stock, Creased stock, Waterstruck & Tumbled.

Contemporary Facing Bricks

Precise square edge bricks used to create a modern appearance. Available in a variety of textures ranging from Smooth, Sanded/Flat wirecut, Dragfaced, Rolled/Creased, Rusticated/Distinctive and Glazed.


Manufacturing Cycle:

Cooking Oil

Kindcare Services Ltd offers consulting services in manufacturing Cooking Oil.

Cooking Oil Manufacturing involves the below processes

  • Cleaning and grinding
  • Pressing
  • Extracting additional oil with solvents
  • Removing solvent traces
  • Refining the oil
  • Packaging the oil

Fish Plant

Kindcare Services Ltd offers you consulting services in setting up Fish Plant to process frozen fish fillet.

How We Can Help?

You can consult us for processing fresh and frozen fish & seafood, a bespoke filleting service and unrivalled expert advice. The main products include frozen salmon fillet, pollock fillet, cod fillet, redfish fillet, hake fillet, frozen mackerel etc.

We work closely with Clients to help them provide exciting, innovative and tasty products for their customers. The Clients need to deliver meals solutions of consistent quality with a competitive advantage that their customers rely on and thats where our expertise comes handy. From coated fish to highly innovative ready-to-eat seafood, each product is made with care and attention to detail at every stage, from inception to delivery.



You can consult us to set up a Shampoo Manufacturing Unit

Shampoo Manufacturing Process has the following ingredients used

  • Water
  • Detergents
  • Foam boosters
  • Thickeners
  • Conditioning agents
  • Preservatives
  • Modifiers
  • Special additives
  • Compounding
  • Quality control check
  • Filling

Quality Control

  • Line inspectors watch the bottles at specific points on the filling line to make sure everything looks right. They notice things like fill levels, label placement, and whether the cap is on correctly.
  • The product is also routinely checked to see if there has been any microbial contamination.
  • The packaging is also checked to see if it meets specifications. Things such as bottle thickness, appearance, and bottle weight are all checked.


You can consult us to set up a Soap Manufacturing Plant.

Soap Manufacturing is done using….

The Continuous Process

Soap is produced continously rather than one batch at a time in this process. Technicians have more control of the production in the continuous process and it takes only about six hours to complete a batch of soap.

This Includes:

  • Splitting
  • Mixing
  • Cooling and finishing
  • Milling

Soap Manufacturing Process

Water Filtration

Kindcare Services Ltd offers consulting services for Water Filtration. We help you set up Water Filtration plants that are a result of the latest innovations in the field of technology like ultra-filtration and advance membrane technology that discards all the impurities from the water and makes it fit for drinking.

Three types of processes are commonly used for treatment and recycle of effluents. These are physic-chemical, biological and membrane /ion-exchange processes.

Physic-chemical processes are used to remove suspended and colloidal impurities. These processes offer a good pre-treatment to downstream biological and membrane processes. Biological processes are used to remove dissolved organics from effluent and thus to reduce chemical and bio-chemical oxygen demands (COD/BOD) of the effluent. Biologically treated effluent containing dissolved salts and residual impurities are removed in processes such as membrane technology base reverse osmosis, electro-dialysis or ion exchange technique.

Water Treatment

Kindcare Services Ltd. provides consulting services for manufacturing a wide range of precision engineered water and waste water treatment plants. We ensure you are well-equipped with all latest purification machinery in integrated manufacturing plants to meet the quality standards, deliveries with ever-increasing demand.

The range of water treatment plants are categorized as pressure filters, clarifier's, water treatment components, water softeners, chemical dosing system, demineralization plant and reverse osmosis plant.

We are quality conscious & keep you abreast of the latest upcoming technology applicable in treating water. Being totally devoted towards quality of water treatment & filtration systems, we ensure our Clients accomplish their quality objectives through a process of continuous improvements in all areas of operations.